Toribia no Izumi

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2006/01/13 00:48 JST in Japan

For the uninitiated, "Toribia no Izumi" (トリビアの泉) is one of the most entertaining programs on Japanese TV at the moment. Its all about stuff that makes you go "What?!". Last night there was a 3 hour 45 minute special going over the past years "trivia". An interesting one was that when a frog swallows a foreign object, it vomits out the foreign object AND its stomach. It then washes its stomach and swallows it back...
"What?!" I hear you say.

Last year they done one on Densha Otoko which had me laughing so much that I nearly ruptured my spleen.
As you know, Densha Otoko is about an Akiba Otaku ( which are now commonly known in Japan as "A-Boy" - "A" as in Akihabara ) who recuses a damsel in distress kind of thing on the train. The producers went to Akihabara to see just how many A-Boys would jump to the rescue when they saw a girl being harassed. The producers got some maids handing out leaflets to lure the A-Boys down an alley where they would come across a drunk harassing a young girl. I got a recording of the full feature but wasn't too sure if uploading that sort of stuff was ok but glad that somebody else took the risk and done it already. Go to Google Video to see a short version of this "test". If you speak Japanese then you will laugh twice as much.