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POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2007/08/25 18:40 JST in Figure and Doll events

Up next is the figure stuff from the chara hobby.
I like Noiji Ito-sans work and liked the look of Nanatsuiro Drops but Sumomo's character put me off from watching any further than ep1. Some baka girls are cute but she seemed a bit too baka ^^;

These shots are not called "low angle" shots anymore - they are now known as "accidental-shots" - usually happens when a fellow otaku bounces you to the floor and you hit the trigger button by accident.

This figure will only be available with initial batches of the #''#B000NOE586,ななついろ ドロップス Pure,PS2 game#''#. They may decided to release it a few months after as a standalone product though.

Sumomo trading figure.

Wots her name from Queens Blade.

Aino Heart from Arcana Heart.


Gundam Builder girls Reiko and Cathy. Tough choice but I think I prefer Cathy (the one in pink).

Have your phone look like Haruka-chans.

Musubi from Sekirei.

Goshusho Sama gets to be an anime this October - maids and bikini fusion? Sounds good to me.

Name that figure.

Gorgeous Kureha taking forever to be released.

The Seed girls still popular as ever.

Have no idea.

Keiko Kamikita. Not familiar but I think shes from some retro mecha anime.

Sayla Mass.

Girls from Puri Cure.

Name that figure.

Better shots of Claire. I was shocked at how many Claymore got bumped off in this weeks episode.

The shiny armor looks removable.

Claymore recommended if you have not started to watch it yet.

I like the One Piece films but the TV shows dont seem to hold a lot of interest for me.

This was supposed to be out ages ago - delayed again to sometime next month. Full cast off.

Name those figures.

Name that character from Melty Blood.


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