Trading Card Game

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2009/12/25 22:00 JST in Japanese Pop Culture

I've always known about the existence of TCG (Trading Card Games) but didn't really know much about them.
Through my work, I came into contact with Bushi Road - the biggest TCG maker in Japan. We first met at the AFA in Singapore last month.

Have never really been a card game person but cards with cute 2D girlies sounds like something right up my alley.

The bunch of cards I have are plastered with popular anime licenses.

Each of the cards have different abilities like "Make Coffee", "Buy Potatoes" and "clean frosted glass."

Bushi Road also do a load of booster packs where you can add more abilities to your platoon of cards. I like the Power Pantsu, Bouncing Buttocks and Overpowering Oppai abilities.

Some of the packs come with a sheet where the battles take place. Here we have a set of Queens Blade. Was looking for Airi and realized shes in another pack which I don't have ToT.

Mmmmmm. Arein.
The cards are made of sturdy card meaning that you should be able to fling them at burglars and slice off their ears.

How about some climax action backstage or in the waiting room?

Have not played a single game yet and haven't the foggiest on how to play. Can anybody use the annotation tools and let us know whats going on here and how to play? Some TCG action below.

Until I get opponents to play against, for now I'm going to appreciate the cards and cases as collectibles. Been using the Dacapo case for business cards ^^;

There is a huge TCG population in Japan and quite a healthy following in Singapore and Malaysia too.

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Here we see a load of TCG battles going on at some championships. I want those small Nobori flags on the table.

More licenses that you are probably familiar with.

Something for the ladies too.

This is the Queens Blade pack with Airi in it.

With the Bushi Road director and team. Expect to see a Bushi Road x collaboration in the near future ^o^
In the meantime, you can check out their English blog.