Wonder Festival 2007 Summer

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2007/08/13 06:01 JST in Figure and Doll events

I need to leave in a bit for the Good Smile offices soon so leaving you with only the 10 min video of todays Wonder Festival 2007 .

Let me know if the titles at the end of the video are cut off for you - the video seems to get stuck in YouTube for the last 5 seconds. Dont forget that you can expect more great Wonfes 2007 Summer coverage at the following sites.

The rest of my photos will be uploaded starting from tomorrow. If you got some spare time in a few hours from now, do check out the live broadcast from the Good Smile offices - especially at 11.50 JST ^^

This years Wonfes 2007 Summer coverage is being brought to you in association with Akihabara News.
BTW, this is my first attempt at using iMovie 08 (keeps crashing all the time) which is why the editing is dodgy.