Worldwide Workspaces

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2010/06/24 16:35 JST in Japanese Pop Culture

Its been a few months since the OTACOOL 3 submissions opened and we have a few hundred entries submitted by boys n girls from all over the world.
The theme this time round is "workspaces" which showcases how you work and arrange your bits n pieces to get work done effectively.

Randomly plucked out about 80 photos from the pool but folks who submitted something should take note of the following points as Kotobukiya are choosing the rooms now.

  • When you click on "" above your photos, does the original image exist and exceed 930px in width? If not you must tag the post "otacool" and save the post once. Then replace all the photos in your post with the original images. This is a good example.
  • Make sure your post is checked "visible" on the back end.
  • Make sure your post is in one of the paginated pages tagged "otacool".
  • Unlike OTACOOL1, Kotobukiya are not looking for desks piled up with figures. Kotobukiya will be ignoring desks which look like they have been decorated just for the photos - ie: no space left to do work/reach mouse or keyboard ^^; All the photos in this post are good example of what I think Kotobukiya are looking for.
  • Check the rules for more details.

And for folks who have just arrived - my workspace photos can be seen in the Desk Diary category.

The following photos have been taken from a selection of posts listed below. You can also see the rest of the posts at where you may end up spending a few hours like I did going through them all ^^;

If you have not submitted anything yet and would like to be part of the shenanigans and have the chance of winning some Kotobukiya goodies, submit something today! Remember its not about having a desk packed with figures but more about how you have setup your functional workspace to work with your hobbies and interests.