Your Mirai Fanart on Culture Japan

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2010/10/31 15:04 JST in Mascot

We've already seen some of your otaku rooms on Culture Japan and this time I would love to show some of your Mirai Suenaga fanart on the show too!

If you are interested then post your artwork on with the tag "tokyomxtv." You can alternatively post on Tsubuyaku where you only require a Twitter account to login.
You can post artwork that you have previously done too.
You can stick your nick/name on your artwork if you want but leave off your URL as I want to keep your URL font the same - we will add your name and url as an overlay in Final Cut for the broadcast which will go out to folks in Japan and across Asia.

So include with your entry:-
Country of residence
URL (Web/Twitter or Facebook)
How many hours you took to complete your work
What software you used

You can also include our other mascots Haruka and Kanata or an image with all 3 girls? Artwork in 1920 x 1080px would be fab but will leave it up to you.

Want to broadcast this sometime late November so how about try to get your stuff in within the next 2 weeks? Look forward to seeing your work!

Loli-pop Mirai fanart posted by Anin Tofu over at Tsubuyaku.

Update - Anin Tofu gives us another lovely Mirai fanart!