Yuko Goto

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2009/10/16 22:51 JST in Anime

I thought this was pretty cool but completely forgot about it but. Yuko Goto is the seiyuu who does a load of characters including Asahina Mikuru and she has been looking at your Otacool rooms!
Have a look at the Nico Nico video below - if you skip to about 25:13, you can hear her mention my name and talk about my book Otacool while looking at photos of your rooms!
She was particularly happy because she saw some Mikuru figures and posters in your rooms.

Yuko goes on to mention that some of the rooms look stylish and futuristic ^^;

Thanks to Minami who mentioned this in a comment back in July.

Will be profiling you and getting your work in front of more celebs and folks in the anime, manga and figure business. But remember that its up to you to take the initiative when the opportunity arises - or you can make opportunity just like the artists who work on the Suenaga world.